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HESI Review

I recently took the HESI assessment exam for one of the nursing programs I applied to.  I thought it’d be helpful to post the anatomy physiology and biology study guides I made.  I hope you find them helpful, I know they led me to having great success on the test.  Good luck!


Meiosis and Mitosis

Tissues, cavities, hormones

HESI Review

Anatomy Review

Biology Review


Andy Borowitz:

After failing to install the upgrade by lunchtime, Mr. Gates summoned the new Microsoft C.E.O. Satya Nadella, who attempted to help him with the installation, but with no success.

While the two men worked behind closed doors, one source described the situation as “tense.”

“Bill is usually a pretty calm guy, so it was weird to hear some of that language coming out of his mouth,” the source said.

A Microsoft spokesman said only that Mr. Gates’s first day in his new job had been “a learning experience” and that, for the immediate future, he would go back to running Windows 7.

So good.

This sounds about right.

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Generosity begins a ritual

A year ago I made a decision to try and drink my coffee black. It was a financial decision because my daily mocha was adding up. So when my wife suggested I go every other day, I figured there was something I could do to maintain my morning ritual. I looked at the prices of regular coffee and decided I could do this and save some money. Then came a promotion Tonx coffee ran, they offered a Hario V60 and a free sample of their coffee. This began the journey of loving coffee.

I dabbled with the Tonx beans and didn’t know where to start after my free trial ran out. My local cafe did pour overs so I started picking their brains, but then realized they were a bit limited in their knowledge. So I decided to take my questions to twitter and after some quick back and forth I figured I should get into the entry level market to do my own pour overs. My wife bought me a refurbished Baratza grinder and I began doing hand crafted coffee. I slowly started putting together what seemed like a chemistry set.

Today my setup is very different than I started with but it is because of the generosity of Tonx that I enjoy coffee at the level I do today. Without something like a free V60 I would have never ventured into the coffee world. Tonx is an amazing company, they mirror a lot of the industry. I’ve reached out to Able Brewing and have received expert help with how to dial in a great cup of coffee. I love coffee and it’s because companies in this space don’t just want to sell you their products they want you to love coffee and they are willing to go the extra length to do so.

Quote IconYou know, the oddest thing about what’s happening right now is that we’ve stopped living our lives and we’re just recording them.
George Clooney, recalling what he told President Obama during a fundraiser in which no one wanted to shake their hands, they just wanted to take their picture. (via parislemon)

To help out my fellow Michigan fans I’d like to direct you to this chart. I compared coach Hoke to other notable coaches and coaches I want him to be like. So you won’t find Les Miles or Urban Meyer, rather men who I feel have the character necessary to be a “Michigan man.”

When looking these other coaches I see Hoke needs to find himself. I think there is no greater example than Jim Harbaugh of then Stanford. He took over a program that was in total disarray and had no identifty. Now we see Stanford with a Harbaugh foot imprint of tough nose football and dominating both lines of scrimmage. One could argue Michigan was in a better situation with the type of players they had, but the identify of this team was offense first and defense as an after thought when Hoke took over.

Hoke needs to hit the restart button right now, Borges needs to be let go and we need to find an offensive coordinator that believes in starting the fight in the trenches.
Don’t be wary and give this man time, I believe he has the right mind and motivation to get this team to the next level.

Go Blue!

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Quest for the perfect cup

Making a cup of coffee in the morning has been a recent ritual for me. I have read a lotof blogs who suggest different methods and was fortunate to receive a free V60 from Tonx coffee. This initially started the journey.

Since then I’ve purchased a high grade grinder and a goose neck kettle. The V60 has been a work in process and I feel that I’ve been successful in extracting a full body cup of coffee. However, I have decided to go after the Chemex. It is a beautiful glass funnel where delicious coffee will be the end product. I’ll keep you update with my recipe and other things worth noting.